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Wireless Earbuds, WinCret in-Ear Bluetooth Headphones,True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Stereo IPX5 Waterproof Cordless Earphones Built in Mic, 40H Playtime, USB-C Charging Case,Twin & Mono Mode

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Easy to fall out of you ears?

Impossible! There are 3 sizes of soft silicone ear caps included with the earbuds. As long as you choose the most suitable earplug size for your ear canal, comfortable even if worn for a long time, and no matter how much you jumped up and down or shook your head, they stayed in place!








Stable connection, low latency

Using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip and a special antenna, compared with Bluetooth 4.0, the signal transmission speed and stability are improved by 30%. Even in large shopping malls, subway stations or airports, where crowded places are not prone to disconnection.

Both hard and soft work together to reduce the sound delay in each link, avoid the trouble of disconnection and audio delay, and provide a better audiovisual experience.

Support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, barrier-free working distance up to 10m. Compatible with most Bluetooth compatible devices for iOS or Android systems.

Tri-band equalization, powerful stereo

When the radius of the diaphragm is doubled, the resonance frequency (F0) will be 0.6 times the original. Selecting headphones, the radius of the unit can directly affect the performance of the headphones bass to a large extent.

Compared with the 6mm and 8mm speakers on the market, we use a 10mm neodymium iron boron magnet unit speaker. The 10mm unit diameter better improves the dive performance of the bass part, and the neodymium iron boron magnet can get more than other ordinary magnets. Good magnetic density, better bass control.

The front and rear independent cavity design enhances low frequencies, enriches high frequencies, and the three-band connection performance is smooth. Naturally powerful bass and crisp midrange and treble make you enjoy the beat no matter where you are.

40h long music playback and LED power display

Use the latest digital display technology to display the battery level of the charging case. At the same time, you can also check the earplug level by pairing your smartphone. Reasonable arrangements for battery life, so that you can continue to enjoy the fun of listening to music.

The earphone listens to the song 5h at a time, and the compact 800mAh charging box can charge the Bluetooth earphone 6-7 times, which can extend the listening time to 40h.

The built-in charging technology can realize the earphone (0%) charging for 10 minutes and playing music for 1 hour. The power is from 0%-100%, the charging box takes 2.5h, and the headset only takes 50 minutes.

*Listening time measured at 50% volume*







One-step pairing

Open the charging box, they will automatically connect with each other, and then just enter the phone’s Bluetooth settings page, select “L18” to pair the earbuds.

After the first pairing is successful, the next time you use it, you can automatically connect to the last connected device with no need for additional operations.

Put the headset back into the charging box, close the lid, the Bluetooth connection will be automatically disconnected, the battery will be detected intelligently, and the charging mode will be entered. ”

Enjoy true wireless freedom

The advanced chipset brings true wireless freedom. You can switch between dual mode and single mode without reconnecting the switch.

Mono Ear Mode: Each Bluetooth headset can be used separately.

Binaural stereo mode: High-quality high-definition stereo can improve your listening pleasure.

Sharing mode: With these true wireless headphones, you can share music/movies with friends without having to worry about cables.

HD call

At the call level, our headset uses a windproof and dry cavity design, combined with CVC chip digital noise reduction, effectively filters the background sound, further highlights the vocal performance, and communicates the content of the call more clearly. Dilemma. ”


Why choose IPX5 instead of IPX6, IPX7, IPX8?

As we all know, higher waterproof means better sealing.

1. Starting from the design principle, the earphones need to have sound vents. If the air is completely sealed without any air circulation, the sound quality will not be good;

2. Starting from the usage scenario, normal use of waterproof in life is to prevent sweat, rain, and splashing; few people say that I want to wear headphones to shower or swim. IPX4, IPX5 can meet our daily needs.

3. IPX6 can soak in water, but it cannot be flushed. The bass of the flushing disappears or the sound becomes rigid; IPX7 and IPX8 are suitable for swimming and diving, but the earplugs must be sealed and not open, the diaphragm sound can not be changed, and the sound quality will not be good. Therefore, IPX7 and IPX8 are mostly deceptive tricks on the market.

After hundreds of trade-offs and adjustments, our engineers finally chose high-quality nano-coating materials on the premise of ensuring high sound quality, and gave L18 wireless headphones the international standard IPX5 waterproof rating, which can protect your daily use. The earphones are protected from sweat and rain, satisfying multiple scenes in life, whether it is running, fitness or rainy days.


【POWERFUL BASS BRINGS BEAUTIFUL IMMERSIVE SOUND】- rich natural sound with an upgraded dynamic speaker system and enhanced drivers, high, mid and low tri-band performance is very balanced, giving you excellent HIFI-quality listening experience. Choose the right earbuds (S / M / L) for better sealing, excellent sound isolation, maximum noise suppression and a great music experience.
【ULTRA-LONG PLAYBACK TIME, LED BATTERY DISPLAY】-this Bluetooth headset features an energy-efficient design that provides 5 hours of listening to music on a single charge, while the compact 800mAh charging case, which can be charged 6-7 times, extends playback time to 40 hours. Use the latest digital display technology to display the battery charge box, reasonable arrangement of life, so that you can continue to enjoy the fun of listening to music.
【ONE STEP TO CONNECT, WIDELY COMPATIBLE】 – open the cover automatically connected to each other, then just one step into the phone’s Bluetooth settings interface to pair the earbuds. After the first successful pairing, when use again, the Bluetooth will automatically connect (device Bluetooth enabled state), pick up can be used. Single and binaural split design, free to switch single/binaural/shared mode at any time, compatible with most Bluetooth compatible devices for iOS or Android system.
【SMART BUTTON CONTROL,COMFORTABLE TO WEAR】- simplify all operations into effective button control,play/pause music, switch songs in playlists, answer calls or activate siri with just a tap on the earbuds.Soft silicone sleeve can effectively disperse the pressure of the ear canal and increase the wearing comfort, earplugs outside the anti-drop structure of the intimate design to avoid falling off easily during use, allowing you to concentrate on immersion in the music.

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