Gaming Headset for PS5,Laptop,PS4,Xbox One,PC,Crystal Clear Sound Computer Gamer Headset with Noise Canceling Mic and LED Light Lightweight Comfortable Over Ear Headphones(Red)

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Product Description

Fantastic GH2 Lightweight Gaming Headset If you wear it, you’re like a warrior in the game field.

Gaming Headset with MicrophoneGaming Headset with Microphone

VersionTech. GH-2 Stereo Gaming Headset

Hear Your Enemies Before Seeing Them

With only cool snake-shaped LED eyes, you can imagine how happy and surprised your children, family, friends, will receive it

ENVEL GH-2 gaming headset delivers 7.1 surround sound to enhance the immersive gaming experience. With the high responsive audio drivers, you can be better to make out the direction from which the sound is coming, like the gun fire, enemy footsteps and scenario indicators. Let you gain the competitive edge you need to take your game to the next level.


Gaming Headset Xbox One

Gaming Headset Xbox One

Gaming Headset PS5

Gaming Headset PS5

Gaming Headset pc

Gaming Headset pc

Our engineers researched the colors of most gaming headsets on the market and finally selected 3 colors that are most popular among people

Simple and stylish blue

The appearance of the ENVEL GH-2 gaming headset is very different from the traditional gaming headset.

Everything in it looks the same. So concise-this is also ENVEL’s consistent style.

The GH-2 gaming headset uses a black frame, with a blue, green, and red mesh cover and wires, so its sense of technology is very prominent.

Our engineers researched the colors of most gaming headsets on the market and finally selected 3 colors that are most popular among people

Bright green is a very beautiful and elegant color.

It is vibrant and symbolizes life and environmental protection.

Green is inseparable from various paintings and decorations, and green can also be used as a casual color.

The use of green is extremely broad, whether it is childhood, youth, middle-aged, or old age, the use of green will never lose its liveliness and generosity.

Our engineers researched the colors of most gaming headsets on the market and finally selected 3 colors that are most popular among people


Drivers: 50mm

Approx. Weight: 350g

Sensitivity: 115±3dB

Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz

Cable Length: Approx. 2m±0.15

Microphone sensitivity: -42dB +/- 3dB

Headset Interface: 3.5mm + USB (USB for LED light)

 USB Gaming Headset-Xbox One

 USB Gaming Headset-Xbox One

 Gaming Headset-Xbox One

 Gaming Headset-Xbox One

BUTFULAKE GH-1 Gaming Headset

BUTFULAKE GH-1 Gaming Headset

Adjustable head beam for your whole family

Based on our head statistics above, we designed a retractable head beam that is not loose or tight, and can be suitable for different age groups from grandsons aged 5 to grandpas aged 55. So, it is also a great kids gaming headset.

We have also optimized it specifically for players wearing glasses. Although our headphones can be worn for 4h without being uncomfortable, we still recommend giving your brain a rest after wearing them for 2 hours.

Please check if your Xbox controller has a 3.5mm port.

The Xbox one is special. The old version does not have a separate 3.5mm audio jack, which means that you cannot connect any headsets. Unless you have an headset adapter (we do not provide), so you can connect most of the headsets, including our headphones.

The good news is that the new version(including the Xbox One S) has this 3.5mm interface, and you can use our gaming headset directly.

50mm KO 40mm

Most gaming headsets on the market are equipped with 40mm ordinary speakers. After comparing 51 kinds of speakers, we choose such one:

1. Neodymium magnets with 10 times magnetic force, 50mm speakers : whose heavy bass is 40% stronger than 40mm ;

2. The high sensitivity Pu + PET composite membrane, 15% better than the normal membrane in mid and 20% better in treble;

If you care about bass, even if you don’t buy our headset, it is not recommended to buy a headset with 40mm speakers, because the bass of the 40mm speaker is a big lie.

Your privacy is very important to us.Your privacy is very important to us.

Your privacy is very important to us.

You could fold up the microphone when not using it. We also designed In-Line Volume Control which can turn off the microphone quickly to protect your privacy. At the same time, it’s very easy to adjust the volume.

In addition, we use nylon braided wire adopted by high-end gaming headsets, which is stronger, more durable, harder to bend, harder to roll, and more resistant to dirt than the rubber wires of other gaming headphones.

Couple birthday present

Couple birthday present

Couple birthday present

Couple birthday present

For elders

For elders

Valentine’s Day; what should I give to my couple? ? This is a question worth pondering

With the development of the times, gift giving pays more and more attention to health and environmental protection.

Gaming Headset It can enhance friendship and convey love.

The gift conveys the most sincere hopes and wishes for others.

What is valued is the emotional value contained in the gift.

How to choose a gift for my colleague’s birthday? ?

The choice of gifts should be treated differently for different recipient

Gifts are fun for friends. For the elderly, health and practicality are better

For children, it is better to be innovative. Foreign guests, with special features

Visiting the elderly. What should I bring? ?

According to statistics, 80% of the elderly in the world lack the company of young people

Young people have to work under the pressure of life, so there is very little care for the elderly.

We sincerely hope that you can take the time to accompany your parents and grandmothers, and relax and relax by playing games together during the holidays.

Occasionally prepare surprises for them, so that they are still full of love for life

At Christmas, do you want to see your child’s surprised expression?


No need for expensive gifts, don’t need solemn vows, just need a sweet smile from you as my most precious gift for the New Year.

Children feel that family is the happiest place in the world. This is the wise way of cultivated adults in the past.

This wonderful family feeling, in my opinion, is the same as the most exquisite gifts that adults give to children.

【Top designer design:】the design inspiration of the GH-2 gaming headset is from the shape of the snake head. The model of the gaming headset is cool. It looks like it has a pair of shining eyes when plugged in the USB interface, which is sharp and fierce. If you wear it, you’re like a warrior in the game field.I believe children will like this super cool feeling
【Accessible In-line Control】 6.6ft braided cable with in-line controller: volume adjustment & mute button for microphone. Easy to reach, convenient to use. You would find these perfect for gaming.And as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, wedding anniversary, etc.Looking forward to the surprise look on your lover’s face
【Multi-Platform compatibility with plug and play】 Headset supports PS5 PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox One XS controller, Nintendo Switch/3DS, PSP, PC, Laptop, Computer, Tablet, iPad mobile phone. NOTE: PS3 and Xbox One of the old version require an additional adapter to support. Plug and play.
【Comfortable and Lightweight Earmuff 】The earmuff of GH-2 gaming headset is made of soft memory sponge and leather.The headset is also designed to be wrapped in breathable mesh, which is light and breathable.Are You Using These Headphones?Earmuffs are too hard.Earmuffs are too small.Poor quality of high frequency sound.These situation will make you feel uncomfortable when you spend a long time with the headset
【Green Appearance – Designed for Environmental Protection】Protect the earth, start with me. Our products, especially choose the green design. As the world’s unified environmental protection color, it will always remind us to protect the environment. We hope that when using our products, our customers will share the same wish to protect the environment and protect our common home!

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