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Experts weigh in on potential disruptions to customer experience in the upcoming year.Every year there are disruptions to CX. It could be something as extensive as the COVID-19 pandemic, which pushed many customer service agents to work remotely, or it could be the emergence of a new and popular ...


Don't I need to own stock or have stock options to be an owner? Not exactly. It's time employees felt like owners.Editor's note: Brian O'Neill, CMSWire Contributor and former chief client officer for FIS, wrote for CX and other teams in his former organization a series of articles. Each were ...


In lean times, determining what not to fund is important. But what is important? And what's urgent?Some trade-off decisions are easy — do you want ice cream or brownies for dessert? Both choices are yummy and it’s simply a matter of preference. When it comes to cutting marketing budgets, ...

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