VoC Strategies That Will Give Retailers a Boost

VoC programs can help retailers keep up with the ever-evolving array of channels — both online and in-person — customers are using.

In order to provide consumers with the products they want and to provide better CX, forward-thinking retailers are relying heavily on their voice of the customer (VoC) programs.

Today customers shop on a variety of channels, leave product ratings and reviews and expect retailers to pay attention and respond quickly. Many retailers are ensuring a smooth customer journey through the constantly growing data stream by using VoC programs.

To further boost the effectiveness of VoC programs in retail, marketers offered the following recommendations:

Incorporate Social Listening VoC Efforts

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media channels for their interactions with brands.

“Social media use among younger demographics strongly supports both continued growth in social and direct messaging use for customer engagement, as well as increased expectations for brands to use these channels more effectively,” said Rick Blair, Verint vice president of product strategy and experience management. “These same demographic groups are also taking on social channels in huge numbers and applying social media to every aspect of their lives reflecting their favorite brands, desires, likes and needs. It’s an evolving, constant data stream that will only grow in importance.”

Given these trends in consumer behaviors and the shift retailers have made to digital-first engagement, it’s only natural that social media channels have become a gold mine for retailers to leverage social listening as a major source for VoC insights, Blair added. “Social listening can often act as a ‘canary in the coal mine,’ and become an early indicator of problems, or of trends in-store and online customer experiences.”

Using VoC can enable brands to pick up on and react to these trends early.

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