CX Innovations During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot more personalized connected experiences, especially in healthcare. I know. I got COVID-19.

We expect excellent customer experiences from consumer technology companies, and service industries like hotels and restaurants, but we do not think of great customer experience when it comes to healthcare. When we think about healthcare, we think of long wait times, repeatedly filling in the same paperwork and a lack of empathy for the patient. Could you imagine if your doctor’s office experience were more like going to an Apple store?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot more personalized connected experiences in many industries like food and retail, but most of all in healthcare. This came into focus recently when I tested positive for COVID-19.

CX Lessons After COVID-19 Diagnosis

I had somehow avoided the virus for this long. For the last year or so, my family for a few vacations had begun to get back out into the world. I was always careful and followed guidelines as I traveled for business throughout North America and into Europe and Africa. Through diligent research, I worked out the regulations for getting in and out of the different countries and regions. I utilized telemedicine services that beamed in doctors at a fee to watch me take my required (negative) test to travel to and from the USA. It was i

Sitecore Symposium 2022 in Chicago last month was a wonderful time of networking, catching up with old friends, and learning about the roadmap for Sitecore’s composable future. For the whole week Sunday-Saturday, life was quite normal, even pre-COVIDian, if you will.

I came home on the weekend, though, and started to feel cold/flu-like symptoms. I had felt these symptoms coming back from the MVP Summit in Europe a month before as well but had tested negative several times in that instance. I figured this time would be the same, even though this sickness felt a bit different.

I took a few tests, and one showed the unmistakable line on the “T” column. The ability to take rapid tests at home for a pandemic disease is a true innovation. But I needed to confirm the diagnosis with a more official test. I went to a testing center, conveniently located across the park from our home. The test was free — which was peculiar to me — and I got my confirmation of a positive result 30 minutes later.

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Where Tech Leads to Better Health Practices

I did not realize that the official testing protocols open a cascade of “automations.” This again felt like an impressive and beneficial leveraging of technology. I received text messages, emails, calls, and smartphone notifications. Contact-tracing technologies notified the phones of people who had been near me within the approximate window of infection.

Some might say this is big brother-ish, but it felt like a worthy use of the available technology that is already in our hands. Contact-tracing is an option in our country but enforced in others. I think of the CX lessons of going to the customers where they are and the promises of omnichannel distribution. All this was followed up with a text that confirmed my positive test, told me what I should and should not do for the next 5-10 days (about one and a half weeks) and answered any of my questions with a firm grasp of the guidelines using the automated website.

At least I now knew to quarantine away from the family, binge out on my digital creature comforts (I recommend “The Peripheral” on Prime Video), hydrate, and get better as soon as possible.

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