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Semrush Black Friday Deals


This Black Friday, Semrush is offering 3 deals. The MAIN deal is where you get 40% off on GURU account and get an extra 500 keywords to track. Find more deals from the post along with their purchasing or free trial links. 

Are you searching for the best Semrush Black Friday deals to save more in 2022?

Well, you have just landed in the right place.

Semrush is the #1 SEO tool that’s used by more than 10 million people worldwide. It offers more than 50 SEO tools under one roof ranging from keyword research to competitor analysis to site audits and more.

Semrush Black Friday Cyber Monday week is the best time when people to wait and get their hands on this powerful SEO tool.

If you’re looking to get a Semrush coupon, I have good news for you.

Semrush is offering 3 amazing limited period offers during this Black Friday season.

Deal Dates: 14th November till 4th of December, 2022

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Semrush Black Friday Deals 2022: Complete Details

Here are the 3 limited-time deals from Semrush:

Deal #1: Save 40% on Semrush Guru 3 and 6 months plans

semrush guru deal

With this deal, you’ll save up to $695 on the Guru plan with 3 and 6 months plans. You’ll get 40% OFF + track 500 extra keywords. This deal is only applicable to NEW users, not existing customers.

Deal #2: 30 Days Free Trial of Semrush PRO Subscription!

If you’re looking for a HUGE discount on the Semrush PRO subscription, this offer is for you where you can also try the Semrush Pro account FREE for the next 30 days!

Deal #3: 30 Days Free Trial of Semrush Guru

This one is a great deal for most agencies and small businesses. You can try Semrush Guru account FREE for next 30 days.

Deals are valid from 14th Nov till 4th of December, 2022

What is Semrush and why do you need it?

Semrush is the widely used SEO tool that is being used by SEO and Bloggers to drive more traffic from search engines. It is recommended by SEO experts as their favorite SEO tool. Not only it helps you boost your search engine traffic but it also helps you:

  • Spy on your competitors best performing keywords
  • Analyze backlinks of other websites
  • Estimate the traffic of any website
  • Find and fix website on-page related issues
  • Check domain to domain comparison
  • Find the best profitable keywords in any niche

If you are struggling to increase your blog’s traffic from Google no matter what niche you are in, give a try to Semrush once (it also has a 30 day free trial that you can get it from here) and get it if you are satisfied with the results.

Semrush is an all rounder SEO tool that helped me to get 5000+ extra visitors from search engines to my blog BloggersPassion just within 30 days.

If you are reading this blog for a while, you already know the fact that I recommend products that I’m personally using and satisfied with. I will NEVER recommend a product just for making money.

I’ve been personally using Semrush for over six year now and I got tremendous results with it. So if you are looking for an effective SEO tool that is PROVEN to bring you search results, don’t ignore using it. Give it a try once and you will be amazed with its features.

3 Benefits of Using Semrush

Here are some of the biggest reasons to use Semrush during this Black Friday week.

1. Finding great keywords is NEVER easier before

As I always say “keyword research is the key” to getting more traffic and sales. If you are struggling to increase your traffic from Google, it’s mainly because of two reasons.

  1. You are not doing any keyword research before creating content (or)
  2. You are stuffing keywords

Both are wrong.

The best way is to use a competitive keyword research tool like Semrush to make your keyword research easier. You can use this detailed guide on finding great keywords with Semrush from here.

The next step is NOT to stuff the same keywords again and again. Instead use relevant keywords to rank well in Google for your targeted keywords.

Haven’t grabbed the Semrush Cyber Week deal yet? Click here to get it for maximum discount.

2. Spy on your competitors

The fastest way to boost your Google traffic is to find out what keywords and backlink strategies that your competitors are using.

First off, make a list of 10 – 15 top blogs/sites in your industry. Start using Semrush to find all the keywords they are using. You just need to enter their domain one after the other and Semrush will give you a list of all of their best performing keywords that are helping your competitors to get more traffic to their sites from search engines.

Next, you can also do backlink analysis. That way you will know from where you can get link building opportunities to grow your search traffic. This will also help you give you a better idea on what topics to write to bring more traffic to your sites from search engines.

3. Site audit to increase your traffic

Site audit is another incredible feature of Semrush. Using this, you can find and fix all the website issues you have.

If you are struggling to increase your traffic even after posting great content and building links, your site might have on-site SEO related issues. Issues like lengthy titles, not using alt tags in images, lengthy meta description etc can affect your SEO strategies.

This is where Semrush comes into play. Once you plug in your website URL into it, it will automatically give you a list of all the issues your site have so you can rectify one after one to boost your search traffic.

So that’s it from my end! If you want to achieve faster search results, Semrush is the key. Give it a try once and you won’t regret ever for trying it.

This is the RIGHT time to try Semrush as you can save up to $119.95 money during their Black Friday sale. So go grab it before the deal ends.

Use the Semrush deal mentioned in this page to save HUGE and get faster search results and rankings with it. It’s undoubtedly one of the best SEO tools out there which can help you get better results on Google.

Here are the real Semrush Deals once again:

Deal #1: Get 40% discount on Semrush GURU plan on 3 and 6 months

If you’re running a small business, Guru is the PERFECT plan for you. With this deal, you’ll get 40% off on Semrush Guru 3 and 6 months plans.

Deal #2: 30 Days Free Trial of Semrush PRO

If you’re looking for a HUGE discount on the Semrush PRO subscription, this offer is for you where you can also try Semrush Pro account FREE for next 30 days!

Deal #3: 30 Days Free Trial of Semrush Guru

This one is a great deal for most agencies and small businesses. You can try Semrush Guru account FREE for next 30 days.

Save More This Black Friday on Web Hosting Deals:

Final Thoughts

As I said above, I’m a long-time user of Semrush and I’ve got massive results using it. Not even once I regretted my decision of using it. It’s an all-rounder SEO tool recommended and widely used by SEO experts.

So what are you waiting for? Have you used to claim the Semrush Black Friday deals for 2022? Do you have any questions before giving it a try? Do let me know in the comments or you can also mail me at [email protected]

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