One Organization Shares Its Most Successful Social Campaign Ever

A case study on how Northwestern Mutual used Sprinklr’s platform to great success.


In early September, Northwestern Mutual archived years of posts from its Instagram account. In a first-of-its-kind social campaign for the brand, the Milwaukee-based financial services company wiped its Instagram feed clean and launched the virtual Museum of Recent History, an ode to a cultural shift they’ve dubbed, “The Great Realization.” According to Senior Director of Social Marketing Whitney Magnuson, “It’s that moment where an individual’s priorities come into sharp focus, prompting them to re-architect their lives and pursue what matters most — with the support of a financial plan.”

To support this seven-day campaign, Northwestern Mutual needed a technical solution that would:

  • Help it to evaluate the content types and themes that would resonate with its audience
  • Enable easy collaboration between teams to create, share, approve, and publish social assets
  • Increase efficiency in its community management workflow


The financial services organization leveraged the Sprinklr platform to help power its “Museum of Recent History” social campaign from start to finish.

Benchmarking from Sprinklr Modern Research enabled Northwestern Mutual’s teams to compare and evaluate which content types and themes were resonating with fans and followers in the financial services industry. Sprinklr AI gathered and analyzed relevant content that helped teams optimize their strategy for the campaign. “This helped us in the brainstorming phase and enabled us to come up with ideas that would hit home with our audience,” says Magnuson.

Once they had devised their campaign and designed creative assets, they leveraged the Asset Manager from Sprinklr Social Engagement & Sales. The Asset Manager enabled the creative, social and compliance teams to easily coordinate content — ensuring each asset was brand compliant, optimized for the platform and approved for publication. “Because of the size of the video files, using the Asset Manager was a critical step for this campaign, especially for Instagram story assets,” says Magnuson.

Northwestern Mutual also used the Sprinklr Rule Engine to assist with and automate much of the community management workload.

“With more than 50,000 engagements coming in over just seven days, the team needed help to make sure they were hiding any comments that would affect the brand or the integrity of the museum,” explains Magnuson. “And Sprinklr’s automated tools allowed us to do just that.”

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