Simplifying the Digital Experience

The ideal digital customer experience is consistent and simple.

When thinking about ideal digital experiences, it’s really the forethought put into the experience that makes it seamless. But where should organizations start? 

By beginning with a top-down approach and then working to make incremental change, digital transformation can catch on in an organization and get others excited for possibilities, says Dave Singer, VP of Go-To-Market Strategy at Verint

Verint is a customer engagement company and a sponsor of Simpler Media Group’s recent Digital Experience Summit. To follow up on its session, SMG spoke with Dave about Verint’s One Workforce approach, creating seamless digital experiences, and his advice around digital transformations. 

Consistency Is Key

Simpler Media Group: What makes an “ideal” digital workforce experience? How does that differ from what most organizations are doing, and how can those gaps be filled?

Dave Singer: I think about the digital workforce experience from two dimensions. What is the experience of the digital workforce and what experience does the digital workforce deliver to the customer? 

The headline of it is that from both perspectives, it’s very similar. The ideal experience is consistent and simple. You should have the same experience, the same low level of effort, whether your digital interaction is a chat or an email or social message or video chat. For the customer it should be the same and for the employee. 

When you do that, you also want to layer in reliable, continuous experience data from both the feedback from the customers and the employees to understand if that experience is really consistent, is it really simple. And maybe it’s consistent and simple and terrible. I think what is still being missed most often is that continuous, real-time feedback: both sides need to continuously improve that experience. 

When we think about designing the digital workforce experience, starting from that point of view of experience measure and closed loop. What people are missing most of the time is filling that gap and building it into design and thinking about gathering feedback in a way that is intrinsic to the way people are communicating. Not everything is a survey delivered after the fact. 

The Right Tools at the Right Time

SMG: Your organization has a One Workforce approach. Can you share what this entails and how it affects the customer?

Singer: One Workforce is often seen as enterprise workforce management. Let’s forecast and share resources from front office to back office, to branch, to store. That’s a really important part of it. 

What we think about differently is that it becomes your base to build on. And the question is what happens after the schedule? We can forecast and schedule now that everybody is working from home and has unlimited bandwidth, but how do you make sure someone can handle that call? 

With engaging workforce administration, when you get that interaction delivered to you, it’s delivered with all the context and same history and everything you need so you’re not asking the same questions. You’re going to have access to the same automating and contextual real-time knowledge so that you don’t have to remember your training from six months ago. We’re going to have real-time coaching and real-time guidance with an army of bots behind you watching the conversation happen and suggesting the answers you might need.  

One Workforce means you’re expanding that outside of the contact center to the relevant workforce and you give them the tools, support, knowledge, and assistance so that anyone can be the right agent at the right time. 

Incremental Digital Transformation

SMG: How can you make sure a digital transformation is a success? How do you make sure everyone involved is on board?

Singer: The main thing is to make sure it is a top-down approach and that you have buy-in from the beginning. You can’t push digital transformation from the ground up because there are too many pieces, there are too many moving parts. 

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