Sitecore Attendees and CX Pros Share 2023 Priorities and Strategies

As attendees gathered at the Sitecore Symposium, the answers to what matters most to marketing and CX professionals revolved around change.

CHICAGO — At the 2022 Sitecore Symposium in Chicago last week, attendees gathered at McCormick Place to see speakers, hear case studies and network with their peers. This is a chance for marketing and CX professionals to meet and discuss their jobs and interests and the trends they’ve observed in the digital customer experience arena.

I spoke with several Sitecore users to get their take on the top CX priorities of 2023. As the new year quickly approaches, what do marketing and CX professionals care about the most?

Finding Solutions and Tools to Navigate Change

Stephen Knight, global practice lead for Sitecore at Accenture, has been noticing the trend of companies preparing for an economic downturn by finding solutions and tools that help them react better to the changes that are happening. Both the market and customer behaviors are changing, Knight said, and the ability to react quickly to these changes will help companies be more efficient.

One suggestion Knight had to manage this new environment is to change one’s approach to decision-making. “Clients big and small are looking at a future with maybe not the clarity that we would have had four or five years ago,” he said. Now, when organizations make strategic decisions, they can take a step or an action and then pause to think about moving forward. Is the next step still the best way to improve efficiency and the customer experience? Is something else the better next step now? 

One vital technology for the future of marketing is automation, Knight said. This will allow marketing professionals to do what they’re best at, which includes creativity, strategy and campaign planning. “We see [that] some of the largest companies in the world have already taken that journey,” Knight said. “It allows them to be so much more reactive and [to be able] to put the customer and creativity at the heart of what the marketing team does.”

The focus on creativity is notable here. According to recent research from CMSWire Insights, marketing leaders say that creative thinking is the most essential competency for their role. This and similar trends will be explored further in our upcoming “State of the CMO Report,” which will be published in early 2023. 

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The Growing Importance of Digital in Customer CX

Another attendee, Nathan Hux, IT product owner at Alex Lee, Inc., works in the grocery business. His company primarily uses Sitecore as a CMS. He’s observed the trend of how the grocery sector has changed with the pandemic and how much more important digital experience is to improve the customer experience. People want a seamless experience that allows them to get all the information they need to make a purchase, and ease of use is especially important.

Meanwhile, David Hess, national sales executive at Perficient, also talked about using an enhanced customer experience to move the needle in industries experiencing big changes. He stressed the importance of being nimble and agile to solve the new types of issues that companies are facing. The healthcare industry is a great example of this, he said.

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