Peeking Into the Sitecore Search Lens

What’s on the Sitecore Search roadmap? Search was one of the big announcements for the digital experience provider last week.

As consumers (and, frankly, as humans), we “search” for so much: restaurants, recipes, clothes, cars, homes, vacations, music, television, movies, answers, even the meaning of life. We query continuously on platforms like Google, YouTube, Amazon, Alexa, Siri, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and everything in between.

Search is omnipresent, and we hope its results are omniscient. It is no surprise then that the search engines powering enterprise websites and applications are big business and provide big opportunities, especially in our current composable digital landscape. The composable focus on best-in-breed technologies for each layer of your technology stack lends itself very well to a powerful, plug-and-play solution like search.

Never-Ending Quest for Search Functions

It is with this knowledge that Sitecore’s headline announcement of Sitecore® Search — as part of its annual Sitecore Symposium conference last week in Chicago — make so much sense. With the so-called decoupling of the monolithic, all-in-one systems happening across the industry, Sitecore is trying to elegantly reconstitute a stack within the de rigueur composable frameworks of the moment. Search, in addition to announcements around headless CMS options and low code/no code drag and drop “Sitecore Connect” integrations, is a worthy leg upon which to compose this future. 

There are many statistics available pointing to the benefits and positive (and profitable) consumer experiences of having a robust internal search offering (such as here and here). Whether it comes down to conversions, usage of, intent to buy, or negative experiences from the lack thereof, good internal search is good business. There are also keen and actionable business insights that can be gained — particularly for marketing teams — from internal site search intelligence. These are also typically surfaced into beautifully intuitive dashboards and visualizations.

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Taking Control of Search Functions Within Enterprise

Sitecore’s offering — based on its acquisition of the company Reflektion last year — promises AI (or artificial intelligence) powered search that will serve hyper-relevant content and predictive, type-ahead capabilities, all making, according to its press release, for “an intelligent plug-and-play solution that can be applied to an existing website in a matter of hours.” The ability for search to plug in and seamlessly complement a content management system, application, or commerce platform is what makes it so powerful and natural for composability. 

In years past, search required high investment and customization to implement in a comprehensive and meaningful way. The current landscape, boasting companies who can focus profitably and solely on this domain, such as Coveo and SearchStax, has put powerful and fully featured internal search in the hands of all manner of organizations. 

Sameer Maggon, founder & CEO of SearchStax, says that this level of search accessibility and out-of-the-box integration for organizations is “groundbreaking.” SearchStax, which is also utilized by companies running Adobe Experience Manager, Acquia, Drupal, Moodle, and custom-built websites and applications, counts Sitecore as a key partner and one that “will continue to be for the foreseeable future.” 

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