Qualtrics CrossXM Launches, More News

Qualtrics debuts CrossXM, former Best Buy CEO joins Spacee advisory board, CSG Xponent Ignite launches, more CX news.

Qualtrics, a customer and employee experience management company, has announced a new product line, CrossXM.

Company officials said Qualtrics CrossXM will provide automated insights for leaders into how their employee, customer and brand experiences impact one another and assist organizations in understanding how employee experience metrics, such as manager support, career development and recognition impact on customer outcomes.

“Leaders instinctively know that engaged employees deliver great products and great customer service, positively impacting their brand’s reputation as well as boosting customer engagement and spend,” Brad Anderson, Qualtrics president of products and engineering, said in a statement. “CrossXM gives organizations the ability to predict how employee experience investments will pay off in brand value and customer outcomes, a powerful innovation that will change the way companies prioritize investments in their most important asset — their employees.”

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news …

Venture Funds Launch Multicultural Leadership Coalition

Gold House, an Asian and Pacific Islander venture fund and organization, is partnering with multicultural funds including BBG Ventures, Gaingels, Golden Seeds, Harlem Capital, Halogen Ventures, Kapor Capital, MaC Venture Capital, Multitudes, the NAACP, SoGal Ventures and VamosVentures to launch the Multicultural Leadership Coalition (MLC).

Company officials said the MLC will serve to accelerate placement of leaders from underrepresented communities as board directors and advisors of privately held and newly listed companies.

“Sustained, society-wide economic growth can only come with investment in, employment for, and the elevation of all multicultural communities,” Bing Chen, Gold House president, said in a statement. “Accelerating these systemic improvements requires change in the boardrooms that decide the trajectory of companies.”

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Symbl.ai Unveils New Features

Symbl.ai, which provides AI-driven conversation insights, has announced two new features designed to make technology more accessible for developers with little to no expertise in conversation AI or machine learning.

Company officials said the new verticalized “managed libraries” feature eliminates the “cold start” problem and allows businesses to start using functionality out of the box with an updated library of trackers. In addition, a new personalized “recommendations” feature has also been introduced. It uses Symbl.ai technology to identify new tracker opportunities as they emerge and notify users.

“When we first launched trackers, customers were excited to use the functionality because it provided them with the flexibility to track insights appropriate for their specific use cases,” Surbhi Rathore CEO of Symbl.ai, said in a statement. “However, we quickly realized that some customers were struggling to get started with tracker functionality, primarily because they had to develop their own library of trackers to get the most out of the feature. We listened to their feedback and are now launching the managed trackers library and recommendations features to give customers a running start and allow them to generate actionable insights from the outset.”

To use the trackers and recommendations, users just login to the Symbl.ai platform and select the trackers most appropriate to their industry or use-case. 

Flybuy and Paytronix Systems Partner to Offer Location Based Experience

Flybuy, a location technology platform by Radius Networks, announced that it has launched an integrated offering with Paytronix Systems, Inc., a digital guest experience platform. The combined offering provides restaurants and convenience stores with end-to-end off-premises ordering and location-based pickup for restaurant and convenience store brands.

“Flybuy is proud to partner with Paytronix to provide a frictionless location-based customer and delivery driver pickup solution to our shared restaurant and convenience store brands for in-store, curbside, drive-thru, or even pickup at the pump,” Dan Estrada, chief strategy officer at Flybuy, said in a statement.

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Brad Anderson, Former CEO of Best Buy, Joins Advisory Board of Spacee

Spacee, which provides customer engagement solutions, announced that Bradbury “Brad” Anderson, the former CEO and vice chairman of consumer electronics retailer Best Buy, has joined the company’s Advisory Board. Anderson retired from Best Buy in 2009 after 36 years with the company.

Other Board members include Brad Crutcher, former COO and CEO of Texas Instruments, and Duncan MacFarlane, professor of electrical engineering at Southern Methodist University.

“We feel so fortunate to have someone of Brad’s caliber on our advisory board,” Skip Howard, founder and CEO of Spacee, said in a statement. “Brad has had a front-row seat for the evolution of retail technology and brings decades of experience and a fresh new perspective on the current challenges facing retailers. From the very start when we were introduced, he made it clear that he had some fantastic ideas to help Spacee grow. We’re thrilled to have him.”

CSG Launches CSG Xponent Ignite for Journey Orchestration

CSG, a customer experience, billing and payment solution company, has announced the launch of CSG Xponent™ Ignite, to provide journey orchestration capabilities with more than 80 industry-specific, pre-built journeys.

“Companies are frustrated with spending millions of dollars on generic CX tools that don’t produce the outcomes they were sold on. Generating ROI on CX initiatives is what businesses need and what we offer with CSG Xponent Ignite,” Eric Carrasquilla, president of customer engagement at CSG, said in a statement. “CSG’s expertise is driving differentiated digital experiences for consumers and patients. Xponent Ignite raises the customer experience bar by delivering industry-tailored, pre-built customer journeys with pre-configured integrations that personalize and automate the most important customer touchpoints to drive immediate value to the consumer and achieve faster ROI.”

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