Google Analytics 4 Refines How Marketers Learn About Customer Experience

As Google upgrades Google Analytics to its latest version, GA4, it must also update the metrics associated with its tags.

UTM tags are a cornerstone of analytics strategy. Their role with digital ad links has expanded into links for social media, email and QR codes. Today most marketers are very familiar with the UTM parameters, a legacy of Urchin measurement roots that spawned Google Analytics.

But as Google upgrades Google Analytics to its latest version, GA4, it must also update the metrics associated with its tags. Many of the analytics reports are meant to place a stronger emphasis on capturing event activity that can be related to customer experience — and less reliance on webpage functionality — the update on Bounce Rate is an example. Thus, these metrics and dimension features are being added to all Google Analytics 4 accounts.

UTM tags have not changed functionality within GA4, giving marketers a small collective sigh of relief from change anxiety regarding the GA4 upgrade. The changes do enrich the information captured with a campaign click, capturing information more efficiently at a touchpoint and informing attribution decisions in a new way.

Let’s look at the changes.

Enhanced Measurements for Quality Customer Analytics

The first of the new metrics is a pair of dimensions, First User and Sessions, for two UTM parameters, Term and Content. In your campaign URLs you would see these as UTM_term and UTM_content in the tag. The dimensions are designed to show the values of Term and Content parameters across users and sessions.  This gives a better range of combinations of how events are triggered in a website or app.

The Term parameter receives dimensions called First user manual term and Session manual term. The Content parameter receives First user manual ad content and Session manual ad content as dimensions.

These changes play into the overall focus on event activity within Google Analytics 4 measurement. They will allow marketers a better sense of attribution and customer behavioral insights from their campaigns.

Conversion rate metrics will also receive two enhancement metrics meant to add flexibility. One is called User conversion rate, the percentage of users who triggered any conversion event. The second is called Session conversion rate, the percentage of sessions in which any conversion event was triggered.

The new metrics enhance conversion rate reporting on any conversion event.

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Dedicated Metrics for Intake Forms

Google just added analytics metrics dedicated to recording engagement with intake forms while on a website page or app. The metrics are part of a new Form interactions enhanced measurement option. The measurement option collects the following events 

The metric form_start shows you the first time a user interacts with a form while in a session. The second metric, form_submit, registers when a user submits a form. 

All newly created web streams in current GA4 accounts have the new option enabled automatically. If your account already has a web data stream in production, Google does have a switch accessed through the Enhanced Measurement feature.

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