Are You Looking for a New DXP? Here’s What You Should Look for

Recent HCL and CMSWire research explored best practices when choosing and implementing a new DXP.

Companies everywhere pursue digital transformation, especially as the world of work becomes more remote and dependent on the latest technology. According to a recent survey from HCL, “A Future-Proof Guide to Digital Transformation Trends,” 84% of respondents say their organization’s budget for digital transformation is increasing in the coming year.

With more money and resources on their side to encourage organization-wide transformation, digital experience platforms are a priority for many. DXPs allow companies to create, manage and optimize the digital experience for customers across multiple channels and contexts.According to the survey, 1 in 4 respondents say their CX team is in the process of choosing a new DXP, while another 56% say they are planning to choose a new platform in the next 3-5 years (or sooner).

According to research by Million Insights, the global Digital Experience platform market size is anticipated to be valued at $15.80 billion by 2025. As companies determine which DXP best fits their needs, there are many features and capabilities to consider. In this article, we’ll explore what companies should look for in their new DXP and how that translates into their digital transformation efforts.

What’s Motivating Companies to Change DXPs?

DXPs help companies improve their digital transformation efforts by making it easier to create omnichannel customer experiences and collect valuable customer insights. But although upgrading to a new DXP can help companies improve their CX and gain a valuable competitive advantage, not every DXP is created equally. According to HCL’s survey, there are a few top features companies look for when choosing a new DXP. Many respondents (65%) say they want easier to use content creation tools. Beyond that, 57% say they want better integration with their technology system, and 49% say they want faster deployments, upgrades and management of DXP instances.

The survey also asked for the top results that companies seek when adopting a new platform. Most (77%) say they hope to increase customer loyalty and engagement with their DXP transformation efforts. Many also say they want to use this strategy to stay ahead of the pace of change (56%) and increase signups and new customers (53%). Having the right technology isn’t enough to gain these results, though. Companies also need to know how to utilize it the right way to get their desired results.

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