Catching Up With CMSWire Contributor John Horodyski

CMSWire Managing Editor Dom Nicastro catches up with CMSWire Contributor John Horodyski on the importance of being mindful of human language.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to rock the world. It hit very close to home for CMSWire Contributor John Horodyski, who is Ukrainian.

John is a passionate believer in the use of strong metadata practices. He’s also passionate about spreading the message that brands — and all people, really — be authentic and genuine in the way they communicate and produce content. His very personal and on-point CMSWire column earlier this year on why metadata matters for Ukraine addressed this important mission.

“As the world is focused on the current situation in Ukraine, the capital city of Kyiv is currently amid a metadata identity relevance conundrum,” John wrote. “Search results on Google are still showing [earlier this year] ‘Kyiv’ on Wikipedia as ‘Kiev’ … no, it’s just Kyiv, thank you very much, as the people of Ukraine have stated.

“Let us all consider this with humanity and respect,” he added. “Without facts that are authentic, authoritative and replete with respect, trust will be hard to build. Information is coming at us from so many sources. This complexity is being compounded by the increasing rate of content production on social media.” 

We caught up with Horodyski for a Q&A on the topic. Editor’s note: This transcription has been edited for clarity.

Metadata Matters for All of Us 

Dom Nicastro: Dom Nicastro here, managing editor of CMSWire. I am here with our latest CMSWire contributor, John Horodyski, the managing director with Salt Flats, where he leads the insights and analytics practice. John, how’s it going? 

John Horodyski: I’m doing great. Thank you for having me with you, Dom. Happy, happy everything.

Nicastro: Happy everything and happy CMSWire contributing. John. You’ve been doing this with us, how long has it been now? We can’t thank you enough.

Horodyski: Golly, gee, it’s in the multiple of years. It’s many years. Great organization to be a part of. You do great content. I’m very pleased to be able to be a part of the contributors for good content. So thank you very much for having me.

Nicastro: Yeah. You’re the lifeblood, the contributors, of the website, there’s no question about it, I’ve been saying that for years. And John, you know, today, what a what a topic. I mean, I can’t tell you how much this resonated for me to see our audience get a relatable story to something that’s going on in the world that is just so overwhelming. And there are so many layers to what’s happening over there in Ukraine. And the way you hit on all these chords of what the impact of data is, and metadata and being genuine in your language and metadata and getting things right when it comes to data. It’s just, it’s such a fascinating piece. And I wanted to ask you, you know, what was the passion behind this? Through your words, I can just feel how palpable the passion is for this topic. So what what sparked the post?

Horodyski: What sparked the post: two things, metadata does matter. And that speaks to a lot of what I do. And that does matter to me a lot. It’s everything I do in the clients we work with; it’s very much a topic for them. And it is something that we see in every industry. And it’s agnostic; metadata is everywhere and impacts data from the beginning right to the end.

And secondly, I’m Ukrainian. And certainly what’s happening right now in the world is something to be recognized. And I thought the two put together was a great way to … hey, listen, this is all about education, right? And when we write articles, you want to make sure the audience learns something from, and I do believe that this was this one is able to educate a few new items to people and just let them realize that metadata matters, not just for business and personal stuff, but there are big reasons why metadata matters. And certainly something like with Kyiv, a name. Let’s say it right, let’s make sure we give the respect and the identity of what Kyiv means and what it is. It’s all about giving respect. So metadata matters for Kyiv, absolutely.

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Authentic Content Experiences

Nicastro: Yeah. And you know, you being Ukrainian, and you know, I wish your family and everyone, all your brothers and sisters out there, the very best obviously, from the heart. And speaking of from the heart, again, your column, you can just see it, you can feel it. All your passion behind this, you really empty the tank on this. So we appreciate you doing that. It’s very personal, you know, and that’s what writing is. It’s very personal. So I can’t thank you enough for that.

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