Surprise and Delight Your Most Devoted Customers

How to jump-start your CX strategy by personalizing interactions to delight and wow your customers.

Who comes back for average customer experience? Nobody. Every interaction with a customer is a loyalty test. Customers expect in-store service whether their journeys start in search, include a chatbot or end with an agent conversation. These new, high service expectations leave businesses scrambling to deliver ideal service experiences across multiple entry points in customer journeys and in digital channels like apps, chat and self-service.

If you deliver consistent, superior customer experiences (CX), then it’s logical to expect you’ll reduce churn and build revenue. Improving CX by personalizing interactions in customer journeys is a good strategy. But where do you start?

Surprise and Delight the Devotees

You might rush to fix your chatbot, since a growing number of your agents got an earful from customers about having to repeat themselves, or the bot misunderstanding customer intent spectacularly, or that they could never find the answers they seek in your knowledge base system. But, believe it or not, that’s not the best place to start. What is? Focus on delivering the ideal CX to that highly desirable customer segment: your devotees, your loyal fans, the customers who spend the most. Because you know them, you can anticipate and address their needs even before they know they exist. And, there’s no better way to surprise and delight them than by understanding.

With the right tools and technology, it’s possible to create highly satisfying proactive micro moments. Proactive outreach can include things like mobile app notifications, email or automated calls and texts when important information is available such as upgrades, renewals or reminders that are relevant to specific customers based on purchase history or scheduled appointments for example. Online guidance on your website and with search articles are golden opportunities to ensure that you are always present for your customers online. In-product contextual help is another way to introduce knowledge content right into your product at the point your customers need it — before they are reaching out to you or searching for answers online.

And, even better, how do you know when to reach out? AI technology can uncover proactive opportunities that have historically led to service interactions by analyzing key topics and intents. With that information you can pinpoint key moments in the customer journey to resolve customer needs before the customer has to reach out. These may include simple things like password resets or finding lost luggage or following up with insurance claims or payments online.

Proactive outreach is an expectation you need to deliver on to achieve customer loyalty — and it pays off in lifetime customer value. In fact, customers who enjoy positive experiences are likely to spend 140 percent more than customers who report negative experiences (according to research done by Harvard Business Review).

The next step is to examine customer journeys to elevate CX at every touchpoint.

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