Marketing Teams Must Upskill for the AI Economy

From content creation to predictive analytics and digital voice agents — artificial intelligence can be a powerful marketing tool if you know how to use it.

As a resource for researching and gaining insight from an audience, AI can generate large quantities of useful information — but humans must put it into context. And while future marketing students will likely be imbued with AI training and education, many of those already in the field are finding their skillset lacking.

Are Today’s Marketers Ill-Equipped for AI?

AI is a revenue generator. According to PWC, AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030 – with $6.6 trillion likely to come from increased productivity.

But CMSWire recently reported that today’s marketing professionals remain widely unprepared and untrained for the advent of AI in their field.

It’s a sentiment echoed by Appen’s 2022 AI and Machine Learning Report, which found one of the biggest hurdles for AI in enterprise is finding qualified talent who know how to successfully implement it. Because as wonderful as it may be — AI still needs a human helping hand with 97% of respondents reporting “human-in-the-loop evaluation is important for accurate model performance.”

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5 Ways Marketers Can Upskill for the AI Economy

As CEO of the Institute for Global Futures, Dr. James Canton is a global futurist, social scientist, keynote presenter and author of “Future Smart: Managing the Game Changing Trends that will Transform Your World, The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World in the 21st Century and Techno Futures: How Leading Edge Innovations Will Transform Business in the 21st Century.”

He offers five tips for marketers to help them better adapt to the AI Economy:

  1. AI for marketers is about understanding the marketing problem you trying to solve — so figure that out first.
  2. Ask yourself how smarter prediction and forecasts from using AI might make a difference in your marketing.
  3. Learn the general differences in business use cases of different types of AI including machine learning, deep learning and neural nets.
  4. Build an AI best practices list of who is doing what in AI that is impactful on the market or customers.
  5. Find an AI nerd and take him or her to lunch to help you learn about how AI solutions could help you — and how AI nerds could benefit from marketers.

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Marketers Need IoT, Cloud, Blockchain Chops

Duties that are either mundane and repetitive or risk human safety — these are the tasks Katie King says AI handles best. As the published author of two books on the subject — “Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing” in 2019 and “AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing” in 2022 — King is also chief executive officer of AI in Business.

“AI can handle the latter tasks without any physical danger, which is of course beneficial for reducing potential harm. As for the routine tasks, AI can often perform these much quicker and effectively than human staff ever could,” King said. “On one hand, this is great for business efficiency, but on the other it can pose a talent challenge.”

Because if a machine can do such tasks more effectively, where does that leave humans? Likely in need of upskilling — and a basic understanding of AI and of some accompanying technologies, like IoT, cloud and blockchain.

“That does not mean that everyone needs to learn how to code or program, but it will be valuable to have knowledge related to technology so that we can coexist with it effectively,” King said. “That said, this isn’t the first technological epoch we’ve lived through, so developing the right skills and capabilities is not as daunting as it may seem.”

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Will Your Future Marketers Need Much AI Upskilling?

Because just as humans learned to use the internet, email, social media and smartphones, they will learn to use AI.

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