Here’s What Your CTO Will Ask You About MACH

What will your CTO ask you about MACH architectures? Quite a few questions. Here are five of them, and how to respond.

Convincing your CTO and other members of senior management that a MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) transition makes sense for your business can be fairly complex. But without a willingness to change the tech thinking and architecture, you’ll be left with failed digital initiatives.

Here, we’ll talk through how to communicate the concept and benefits of a modern, decoupled architecture by addressing some of the key questions CTOs often ask:

The Need for Technology Transformation

Question: What are the forces driving your desire to make this transformation?


  • The world is rapidly changing, driven by digital and data. We’re in the throes of a period of pervasive digitization. This has brought about  unprecedented visibility into consumers, business activities and market trends. 
  • The ability to deploy data-driven digital capabilities relies on an organization’s IT backbone. It’s critical to have one that is modern and flexible in order to launch new offerings at-speed and meet customers where they are. This drives competitive advantage and long-term business value. 

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Organizational Agility and Readiness

Question: How do we create more agility through technology as we think about a transition to MACH?


  • With legacy IT and disparate systems, data is locked in silos. One of the results of that is a painfully slow release cycle (think: 12-18 months). With the introduction of MACH and the use of microservices, APIs, cloud computing and headless, along with an agile tech methodology, you’re looking at a quicker release cycle (think: 1-3 months).
  • But the ultimate goal is to move toward decoupled, platform-based tech stacks and a modular architecture. This shrinks the release cycle to its lowest — multiple times per day or week. Agility can only be achieved when an organization can break free of the release cycle. That’s when you become in control of your own destiny. 

Succeeding in Technology Architecture Makeover

Question: What are some of the primary considerations for making this transition a success? 


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