How Organizational Structure Plays Into Customer Experience

Your internal teams all have specific roles and functions. But some organizational charts can put up barriers to excellent customer experience.

Customers don’t care who owns what part of a business, but organizations often do. This conflict leads to customer frustration and missed opportunities.

Your org chart is most likely split into what the business sees as logical groups. Marketing might include website teams and digital marketing departments — but probably doesn’t include recruiting.

This setup makes logical sense for organizational structure. There are only so many hours in the day or people on a team. Everyone needs to understand their roles and responsibilities. But does the customer need to understand that, too?

I’d argue no, but many companies are designed to create roadblocks in the customer’s journey because of their internal organization. Ultimately, your organizational design can be your customer’s nightmare.

We need to have teams, departments and accountabilities spelled out within any organization. What does this mean for a seamless customer journey? And what can leaders do about it?

Focusing on one big area in B2B can help. Let’s take a look at how onboarding sets the stage for a better customer experience.

Customers Know Who They Like and Trust

When a B2B customer is trying to determine who to call or what to do, the first line of defense is often sales. These are the earliest relationships formed, and for a B2B customer, their “guy” is who they think of when they know they need to call someone.

Sales teams are often frustrated because after the sale is made, it’s time for Customer Success or Account Management to take over the relationship. Or the sales team is fielding customer service issues or payment questions simply because the customer doesn’t know who else to call. So why are the salespeople still getting those calls?

It’s because customers feel known by the time the sale is made. There’s a relationship, there’s trust and there’s shared experience there.

The onboarding relationship is key, yet many organizations are still neglecting this significant part of the B2B customer journey.

When a customer is told to start contacting Jerry instead of James, they might not have the same comfort level. Yet the org chart says that’s the way it has to be!

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