Helping Define the Narrative That Good CX Drives Success

Here are four approaches that you can use to measure your success and help define the narrative that CX is key to driving the success of your organization.

There is an old joke about marketing that goes something like this: There are 49 CPAs in a room, and a marketing VP walks in, how many marketers are in the room? Fifty!


Too often the view of marketing is such that anyone can do it. 

In the land of CX, we often times find ourselves facing the same challenge. 

Sure, you answer the phones, resolve tickets and address escalations, but fundamentally how do you measure your success in a way that changes the narrative — one from being on the defensive to taking a proactive role that ensures funding, thought leadership and a world class approach to driving consistently positive client outcomes.

Here are four approaches that you can use to not only measure your success, but when shared together, can help define the narrative that CX is a key part of driving the go-forward success of your organization.

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1. Relationship: Customers’ Willingness to Recommend

Let’s just start with the one measurement that typically elicits the full spectrum of emotion when it comes to the impact your team is having … the Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

A customer’s willingness to recommend has been and continues to be one of the biggest indicators of future success, and if the culture is properly aligned, ensures that the entire organization recognizes their role in driving a strong NPS.

It sounds odd that one of the key measurements of success for a CX organization is so heavily weighted on so many others within the enterprise. Think about it, if development roles out new code that is highly defective, and product designs solutions that are not in demand, what does this have to do with how you managed an escalation?

This may strike to the heart of why so many abhor NPS, but it does allow you as the CX leader to understand what is driving the sentiment and provide you with actionable information (not anecdotes) to get your colleagues fully engaged and owning the outcome.

2. Transactional: CX Surveys, and More CX Surveys

While less strategic, transactional measures can readily identify just how well your team is performing in daily customer/client interactions. The key? Survey. Survey. Survey. Not unlike the need to gather data to drive your NPS result, so too must you commit to capturing the data needed to yield strong transactional indicators of success.

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