Using Digital Analytics to Improve the User Journey and Increase Customer Loyalty

DiRx needed to win over customers from larger competitors. It leveraged digital experience analytics and changed the way customers engage with its pharmacies.

Simone Grapini-Goodman describes her career in three distinct chapters. First she served as marketing executive for a Fortune 10 healthcare company, then on to academia where she worked for University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy Institute for Innovation.

In her third chapter, over the last two years she stepped into the startup landscape and built a brand from the ground up in the online pharmacy space. Her extensive healthcare career has given her insight in using analytics to learn, optimize and offer a better digital experience to customers. 

Grapini-Goodman is now CMO at DiRx (Direct+Rx), an early-stage digital pharmacy platform enabling medication access and affordability. “The goal is to extend consumers direct from drug manufacturer prices for their medicine. This makes generic medicine more affordable to a greater number of people,” Grapini-Goodman says.

By leveraging digital experience analytics to better understand and help acquire new customers, DiRx has changed the way customers are engaging with their pharmacies. “We’re trying to increase medicine access and affordability to people without insurance, or the underinsured.”

Glassbox, the company that provides digital experience analytics and data analysis to DiRx, is a sponsor of Simpler Media Group’s summer Digital Experience Summit event, which took place online Aug. 17-18. Grapini-Goodman presented the session, “DiRx’s Digital Journey to Provide Affordable Medication,” covering how DiRx has partnered with Glassbox to advance digital healthcare solutions.

The Digital Journey to Provide Affordable Medication

Simpler Media Group: What are customers’ biggest challenges when it comes to engaging with their pharmacies? How does DiRx address those challenges?

Simone Grapini-Goodman: We recently surveyed over a thousand people to understand their sentiments on researching and purchasing medication, and it is no surprise that the biggest challenges they mentioned fell into two categories — affordability and accessibility. 

People continue to be concerned with high prescription costs, especially nowadays. Looking at the macroeconomic trends, they’re having to save and potentially take away from essentials like groceries and gas in order to afford their medicine. 

Accessibility can be an issue as well, especially for those that are in a pharmacy desert, or anyone with ability restrictions, who may not be able to easily leave their home. Our research indicates that cost and dependable access to medicine are not mutually exclusive. Price was important to all respondents, but not if it meant compromising reliable access to their medication. 

DiRx addresses these challenges by providing an online pharmacy platform. We have pharmacy licenses in 49 states, providing savings on commonly prescribed FDA-approved, generic medicine without the need for insurance. DiRx attempts to draw a straight line from supply to demand and streamline the path between drug manufacturers and consumers. The way our model functions allows us to lower costs, and because we’re online and available 24/7, we make medicine more accessible to more people. 

SMG: How did you go about aligning organization goals to the digital customer experience?

Grapini-Goodman: In considering our operating principles of accessibility and fair pricing, when we unpacked those we asked ourselves, “What does this mean in terms of the way we operate?” While it may seem obvious, we figured out that we needed to create a simple and efficient experience. 

We seek to understand customers’ experiences so we can remove obstacles, offer an uncluttered digital experience and provide better support. Customer service is very important to us. We launched a 24/7 customer care team because a lot of the populations that we serve work different hours. They don’t often have a standard 9 to 5 job or may work multiple jobs. So for the digital customer experience, it’s not only what happens online, but what happens when you actually pick up the phone and you have an interaction with someone. 

SMG: How did DiRx work with Glassbox to improve the digital customer experience?

Grapini-Goodman: At DiRx, we were trying to figure out how to get beyond data. I quickly realized after conversations with Glassbox that not only did they have the right platform and process, but they also had the right people to give us the insights about our data. That data leads to knowledge. And that’s what accelerates us. We’re an early-stage digital health company and need to get to knowledge quickly. 

What I like about Glassbox is that we are able to see interactions at scale, but can also zoom in and look at any user’s individual experience. Overall, these types of insights are important because we no longer need to make assumptions around why someone may drop off our website. Other platforms may be able to provide the statistics, but we don’t get the why. Glassbox gets us a lot closer to the why, and that’s what we need to understand to be able to update the UI and provide a frictionless user experience. 

SMG: How is DiRx using digital experience analytics? What metrics are particularly important to you?

Grapini-Goodman: Certainly we’re looking at traffic volume, sources, and the relative engagement of those sources. We are looking to see how effective we are at driving visitors further down into the conversion funnel. Additionally, we look at how we may be able to get quality, higher volume traffic that we can successfully engage and ultimately convert. So we look at how different sources are getting through the funnel, all the way to order and checkout. We look at all these for desktop and mobile to see if there’s a difference in behavior between the two. These are just some examples of what data is available, but there is much more.

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