Konabos Hires former Sitecore CTO, Conductrics Integrates Customer Surveying Capabilities, More News

Conductrics integrates customer surveying capabilities into A/B testing, experimentation and optimization, former Sitecore CTO joins Konabos, more CX news.

Conductrics, a digital experimentation and artificial intelligence (AI) software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, has announced it has integrated customer surveying capabilities into its A/B testing, experimentation and optimization platform.

“Working alongside our client partners, it became clear that even though tools for experimentation and optimization are extremely powerful, they have been inherently limited because no matter the type of A/B Test or ML (machine learning) algorithm, experimentation and personalization has lacked visibility into a key, and necessary, source of information — the voice of the customer,” Conductrics’ co-founder and CEO Matt Gershoff said in a press release.

Conductrics offers a combination of survey, experimentation and personalization. Users can access survey responses as goals in future A/B tests. Conductrics Research will be released on Aug. 15., available to all existing users for no additional cost. All new licenses will include this new feature.

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news…

Former Sitecore CTO Joins Konabos

Konabos, a digital customer experience consultancy, has added composability evangelist and former Sitecore CTO John West to its team as senior customer advocate. West will focus on helping customers and other agencies in supporting a composable digital future.

West moved into the content management space in 2000 as CTO of Sitecore, helping establish Sitecore USA. Konabos officials said he is Sitecore’s only Lifetime MVP.

West left Sitecore and embarked on a consulting career with various agencies and vendors.

“John is a hero to many in the Sitecore community,” Akshay Sura, partner at Konabos, said in a statement. “His early transition towards composable approaches was a key catalyst for our transition in that direction around 2019. We’re over the moon that he’s joining the Konabos team. John’s addition will strengthen us, our customers and the agencies we coach.”

Reputation Adds New Social Experience Features 

Reputation, which provides reputation experience management (RXM), has announced a number of updates to its social customer experience product suite.

“Customers can share feedback within seconds of a good or bad experience, which has made it critical for Marketing teams to have the most innovative and complete tools at their disposal,” Pranav Desai, chief product officer at Reputation, said in a press release.

The updates include:

  • Social Listening Industry Monitors: Subscription-based industry monitors that capture and highlight the most relevant social chatter within each segment of the most popular sectors.
  • Smart Insights Widgets for Social Listening: Identifying trends and noteworthy changes during a specified period of time, serving up analysis and call to action based on the virality and sentiment of the trend.

  • Instagram Carousel Posts: Add up to 10 photos or videos to a single Instagram post, creating a carousel-style post.

  • TikTok Integration: Create video posts within Reputation’s Social Suite that can be scheduled for posting on TikTok as well as other channels.
  • Optimal Publish Times: Determine the times of day that see the most audience engagement on each social channel and present those times to the user for post scheduling. 

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