8 Best Zapier Alternatives with Pros, Cons & (Quick Verdict)

Are you on the hunt for the best Zapier alternative? Well, your search ends here.

When it comes to business productivity enhancement, Tasks automation should be your top priority.

Undoubtedly Zapier has always been the leading player in digital task automation. But people are jumping from Zapier due to various reasons. 

Do you know why?

The primary reasons to look out for Zapier alternatives might be its high pricing, poor customer support, lack of lifetime plans, badly structured plans, inappropriate task management, etc.

After extensive research and testing, we are happy to disclose 2022’s list of Top 8 Zapier competitors. 

In this post, you will discover:

  • Top automation tools like Zapier
  • How they are referred to as a Zapier alternative
  • Their features, Pros & Cons, and much more.

So without any further delay, let’s begin.

Quick note: Refer to the “Verdict” Section under each Zapier Alternatives and make a quick decision.

Who’s the Biggest Zapier Alternative Right Now – Let’s Find Out 

1. Pabbly Connect

pabbly connect

Pabbly Connect is one of the emerging automation tools which has been giving tough competition to Zapier and other automation tools only on the behalf of this single benefit – Advance features & one-time payment. 

Here, You can connect 2 or more apps together and enable automation without any technical hassle. 850+ popular app integrations + quality customer support + 30 days money back policy + sufficient features and a free plan that you can try right now – makes Pabbly Connect irresistible to try.

Pabbly Connect works almost the same as Zapier do, however, there are dozens of differences between them which we have already covered in Pabbly Connect vs Zapier’s post.

But for now, let’s see how Pabbly Connect is considered the top Zapier free alternative:

Why Pabbly Connect is the Best Alternative to Zapier

#Reason 1: Pabbly Connect charges the lowest & offers lifetime plans:

Do you want to pay once and enjoy the automation tool forever? Well, go for Pabbly Connect. Its lifetime deal is dominating the market and because of this solo reason, users are jumping from Zapier to Pabbly Connect.

If you’re wondering how much Pabbly Connect saves money over Zapier have a look at the example below: 

zapier monthly plans pricing vs pabbly connect one time plans pricing

You can save almost 3 times more money with Pabbly Connect lifetime plans (50% off) compared to Zapier.

Pabbly Connect – 3,000 monthly tasks – $149 one time payment Zapier – 2,000 monthly tasks – $588/year
Pabbly Connect – 6,000 monthly tasks – $298 one time payment Zapier – 6,000 monthly tasks – $1,068/year

#Reason 2: Pabbly Connect task management system is best:

Pabbly Connect doesn’t count internal tasks as well as triggers in task count. While Zapier does. Hence the number of tasks is more likely to exhaust quickly in Zapier.

pabbly connect consumes less tasks compared with zapier and integromat

Learn more about the Pabbly Connect task management system from our earlier post on the Pabbly Connect review.

#Reason 3: No restrictions on features:

We aren’t saying Zapier is missing out on any features but they organize its features in a way that users have no option other than to subscribe to their high-end plans. 

For example:

  • The benefit of “unlimited premium apps” is included in all Pabbly Connect plans. In Zapier, only 3 apps can be accessed in its starter plans.
  • Features of team collaboration can be found in all Pabbly Connect plans (started from just $149). In Zapier, you have to subscribe to its $3,588/yearly plan to bring your team members onboard.

Key Features of Pabbly Connect:

All the essential features to run an automation game smoothly could be found in Pabbly Connect:

  • Multi-step calls for automating multiple actions
  • Webhook trigger to transfer data between apps
  • Free internal modules like formatters, JSON extractor, email parsers, number formatter, etc.
  • Delay & Schedule module to get control of automation launch
  • The filters module allows automating the action based on predefined conditions.
pabbly connect features

Pricing Plans, Pros & Cons of Pabbly Connect

Pricing Plans:

Besides the discounted lifetime plans (50% off) and monthly plans, A free plan, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee, are the additional perks.

pabbly connect lifetime plans
pabbly connect monthly plans and discounts

Pabbly Connect Pros:

  • Pabbly Connect is not overpriced as Zapier. Users can save up to 3x with Pabbly Connect lifetime discounted plans
  • From basic to advanced features – all can be seen in Pabbly Connect.
  • New app integrations have been added daily at a faster rate. 
  • Use cases & templates are provided on the apps integration page for users who don’t know how & what to automate.

Pabbly Connect Cons:

  • 24*7 customer support facilities are yet to come.

Final Verdict on Pabbly Connect:

Go for the Pabbly Connect when you are interested especially in lifetime plans. Here you can save your pocket as well as enjoy the best-advanced automation features and fair plans at the same time.

Go for the Pabbly Connect when you don’t want to waste your time learning. You can start automating your business hectic tasks with Pabbly Connect after watching 1 or 2 tutorials.

2. Make (Formerly Integromat)

make (formerly integromat)

Make, which was formerly known as the Integromat, is the 2nd best Zapier alternative. We have almost finalized it as the number one alternative to Zapier however its long learning curve forced us to drop it down. But that doesn’t make “Make” a bad automation tool. 

Infact, Make is the most powerful automation tool out there in the market in terms of advanced features. Zapier might be known for its long list of supported integrations, But this tool is the most robust of all. 

The moment you log into the Make dashboard, you will see this.

make automation tool user interface

Dozens of options right? You might feel overwhelmed by seeing the Make interface if you came from Zapier. 

Following the Make user interface might be difficult initially, but its unique visual editor (worked on a drag and drop approach) helps you to run the workflows quickly.

make automation tool workflows editor - drag and drop user interface

In a nutshell, Make offered complex functionality and a few additional features. The UI of both tools might differ but both tools work almost the same.

Getting used to Make and becoming a better Automator might take a little time. Gladly Make offered free courses which could help users to move in quickly. Once you get comfortable, you can build and manage the most complex automation scenarios (workflows) with Make easily.

Integromat has changed to Make for the branding reasons of the company but one change has also been made up and it’s in the features which we are gonna discuss now.

Why Make (Integromat) is the Best Alternative to Zapier

#Reason 1: The High-End Features

  • Real-time workflows execution testing & monitoring
  • Parallel workflow execution. This was not possible previously with Integromat.
  • HTTP calls & JSON parsing.
  • Responds/Logs collected during execution can be saved in “Make” data storage.
  • Advanced iterators to run actions in a loop.
make features

#Reason 2: Pocket Friendly & Fair Plans

Who’s beating Zapier in terms of features and money – You may ask. The answer is Make.

Make – 10,000 monthly tasks – $9/month ($108/year) Zapier – 10,000 monthly tasks – $129/month ($1548/year)
Make – 20,000 monthly tasks – $16/month ($192/year) Zapier – 20,000 monthly tasks – $189/month ($2,268/year)

Although you won’t find lifetime plans here, But still you can save a lot with Make compared to Zapier. Similar to Pabbly Connect, Make plans (started from $9) are also fairly structured features-wise. 

#Reason 3: Thousand Plus APPS integrations

Supported 1200+ app integrations and still counting is surely enough to run the automation game. 

make integrations

Breakdown of Make Pricing & Plans

Doesn’t matter whether you are a solopreneur, or a big company, Make has affordable plans for everyone.

make plans and pricing

Make Pros:

  • Covered almost all popular app integrations. 
  • Impressive free plan – 1,000 tasks/operations per month
  • 3,000 free automation templates + use cases for a quick start
  • Doesn’t lack any essential features.
  • The powerful team is there for handling support queries.

Make Cons:

  • Lifetime plans as well as the option of live chat support are missing.
  • Not a simple automation tool to work with.

Final Verdict on Make:

Go for the Make automation tool when you don’t want to build complex workflows with a “Steps” based builder anymore. Visual drag & drop-based builder and comparatively more advanced features than any other tool are the two reasons to consider Make. However, be aware of the long learning curve associated with this tool.

3. HubSpot Operations Hub

hubspot operations hub

HubSpot Operations Hub is a different kind of automation tool and you should only prefer it when you’re already a user of HubSpot CRM and you’re planning to set up an automatic synchronization for contact data between apps and HubSpot CRM.

Why HubSpot Operations Hub is the Best Alternative to Zapier

Well, Zapier also has support for HubSpot CRM:

hubspot use cases inside zapier

So the question is – why should you use the HubSpot Operations hub to connect HubSpot CRM with other apps?

The primary reason is – 2-way data (contact data) syncing at the same time. 

Unlike Zapier, the HubSpot operations hub ensures 2-way data syncing between two apps in real-time. Whenever a change happens in one app it will instantly be reflected (synced) in the second app. 

In Zapier, data flows in one direction, but in HubSpot Operations data can flow bi-directionally. 

hubspot operations hub two way contact data syncing

Quick note: Zapier use cases and Operations Hub are completely different. Unlike Zapier, HubSpot operations hub doesn’t allow you to connect other third-party apps together. Example Google Forms & MailChimp. Operations Hub simply connects supported apps to and from HubSpot CRM only.

Quick note: HubSpot Operations is still gonna be irrelevant when you want to automate HubSpot actions based on third-party app triggers.

HubSpot Operations Hub Key Features

  • Historical data sync
  • Two-way data sync
  • Real-time sync
  • Default & custom field mappings

All popular apps which might be having your “contact data” stored can be synced with HubSpot CRM via HubSpot Operations Hub.

hubspot operations hub integrations

HubSpot Operations Hub Pricing

Gladly you can start with HubSpot Operations for free and sync with 100 of your favorite apps. However, you can always consider its paid plans:

hubspot operations hub pricing and plans

HubSpot Pros:

  • 2 way syncing makes it a unique and robust automation tool.
  • A live chat customer support option is given.

HubSpot Cons:

Final Verdict on HubSpot Operations Hub:

Go for HubSpot Operations Hub when you want to enable 2 ways real-time syncing between HubSpot CRM contact data with other apps and vice-versa. Go for HubSpot Operations when you are willing to invest in HubSpot CRM.

4. Zoho Flow

zoho flow

Zoho Flow is another trigger-action-based automation tool built by Zoho. Zoho organization is known for its entire suite of business applications & CRM. 

Compared to other automation tools, it’s not that feature rich but we must say it is good and has features that you can use to run simple to mid-level automation workflows.

Less Pricing is the main factor where Zoho Flow can be considered a Zapier alternative.

People who are already using Zoho CRM or familiar with other Zoho apps should consider Zoho Flow

Plus it supports “Deluge” – Zoho’s own scripting language which could be used to build advanced workflows. This is the only Zoho feature you cannot be able to find inside the Zapier or Make.

This is how Zoho workflow drag & drop based editor lookalike. The triggers and actions appear as branches.

zoho flow automation workflow builder

Zoho Flow Key Features:

  • Multi-step actions can be initiated
  • Team member’s collaboration feature is inbuilt
  • Workflows can be rerun automatically
  • 90 days task history can be accessible
  • Actions can be scheduled & delayed accordingly.

Zoho Flow Pricing & Plans:

The free plan of 100 tasks per month is available. But it is totally a waste. If you want to know the real power of Zoho flow, try out the paid plans. A 15-day free trial on paid plans is always available.

zoho flow pricing and plans

Zoho Flow Pros:

  • Pre-built workflows are available for instant start.
  • Custom apps can be integrated with Zoho Flow through webhooks

Zoho Flow Cons:

  • Not enough resources to learn about Zoho Flow.
  • Comparatively fewer app integrations.
  • The free plan is useless.

Final Verdict on Zoho Flow:

Pick Zoho Flow if you are an existed user of their Zoho suite or their other tools. This way you can utilize the maximum of this automation tool.

5. Coupler.io


Coupler.io is the unique automated data integration tool that can be used to build connections between 75+ apps for transferring data to these popular tools – Google Sheets, Excel, and BigQuery in real-time. The user can schedule how frequently the data should be refreshed. That’s it.

coupler.io working

Coupler.io imported data can be used for various purposes:

  • To create live auto-updating dashboards and reports
  • To create custom views and visualizations
  • To perform advanced calculations & data extraction
  • To backup and store data in a single place
  • More…

Why Coupler.io is the Best Alternative to Zapier

Zapier can also create such kinds of data syncing automated workflows between apps. 

However, it will dry your pocket. Zapier pricing is based on a number of tasks. Transferring a single row of data costs you a single task. Coupler.io plans have been designed especially for data integration workflows and as a result, it will save huge money. 

In a nutshell, Coupler.io can be a great affordable Zapier alternative when you want to create data syncing automated workflows between different platforms and Google Sheets/Excel/BigQuery. 

Coupler.io Features:

  • Multiple Importers can be run at the same time.
  • Schedule data to be refreshed hourly, daily, or monthly.
  • JSON API is always there to connect apps that aren’t supported yet.
  • Multiple team members can work at the same time.

Coupler.io Pricing & Plans:

Based on “Runs” & “Import Size”, Coupler.io plans has been offering 4 plans.

coupler.io pricing and plans

Coupler.io Pros:

  • Knowledge base and YouTube channel are available for learning materials
  • Saves huge money compared to Zapier
  • Excellent client history

Coupler.io Cons:

  • Live chat support is absent.

Final Verdict on Coupler.io:

You should definitely go with Coupler.io if the goal is to move data automatically to any of these 3 platforms: Google Sheets, Excel, and BigQuery.



IFTTT is one of our favorite automation tools. It is mainly known for its unique use cases. In Zapier, you will find most business-related app integrations. 

But IFTTT is more about personal use. In other words, the integrations available here are mostly related to physical devices (Alexa & Siri), smart home appliances, apps, services, and cloud platforms which are more likely to be used in a person’s daily lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be used for business.

few ifttt automated lifestyle based use cases
ifttt amazon alexa use cases

IFTTT Features:

  • 300+ apps, services & device integrations.
  • Condition & filters can be set in configuring workflows (applets).
  • Mobile application to control automated workflows.
  • Multiple actions can be assigned to a single trigger.

IFTTT Pricing & Plans:

Apart from its unique automation use cases, its low-cost pricing is the second main reason to consider it against Zapier.

ifttt pricing and plans


  • The bold UX design and simple working make this automation tool irresistible.
  • Pre-made applets (workflow templates) are there for a quick start.
  • A forever free plan is there


  • Custom apps cannot be added through API. So users have to rely on available apps.

Final Verdict on IFTTT:

Pick IFTTT only when your workflows lie under personal and lifetime usage. IFTTT is not recommended for business, marketing & sales workflows.

7. Microsoft Power Automate

microsoft power automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a special automation tool that can help in achieving automation beyond your thinking. The main reason for this tool should be considered is RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

RPA is the technology that can do wonders in the automation world beyond your thinking. Basically, RPA uses desktop recorders or web recorders to record the process (desktop flows) and automate it for future use. In Zapier, such kind of custom automation can only be achieved by API. However, RPA technology eliminates all kinds of technical hassle and the need of building APIs for automating custom advanced automation processes.

Not just that, Microsoft Power Automate can also create automation between apps via the drag and drop approach and pre-build actions. You can build powerful end-to-end automated solutions between both Microsoft and other third-party apps easily.
Despite advanced capabilities, the long learning curve associated with this tool surely bothers you.

Quick note: Go for Pabbly Connect OR Make if you want to quickly start your automation processes.
microsoft power automate apps integrations

Microsoft Power Automate Key Features:

  • The workflows can be managed on all devices – Windows, iOS/Android, Web
  • Covered popular integrations categories: Email, Productivity, Notifications, Social Media, etc.
  • Hundreds of prebuilt connectors (templates) for a smooth launch.
  • Conditional flows
  • AI automation builder for building AI-powered solutions (flows).

Microsoft Power Automate Pricing & Plans:

Subscription or Pay-as-you-go plans are available:

microsoft power automate pricing plans
microsoft power automate automation tool plans

Microsoft Power Automate Pros:

  • A free trial on paid plans is a plus point
  • Support of RPA technology makes it one of the most robust automation tools of all time.

Microsoft Power Automate Cons:

  • The steep learning curve is a serious problem here.

Final Verdict on Microsoft Power Automate:

Pick Microsoft Power Automate when you already have a subscription to the Microsoft suite or your business relies on Office 365, OneDrive, OneNote, Teams, or any other Microsoft products. In other words, Microsoft Power Automate is best for maintaining documents.

8. LeadsBridge


LeadsBridge – Another unique Zapier alternative automation tool on today’s list. 

Well, LeadsBridge has only focused on one aspect – Advertising and Marketing. Compared with generic integrations of Zapier, you will be seeing more marketing (lead generation) & advertising-oriented integrations workflows inside LeadsBridge.

Do you want to send/receive leads data (conversions, orders, contacts, etc) from popular advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin, etc to CRM, email marketing software, database, web forms, etc automatically? (This is a simple example of a LeadBridge use case)


Do you want to enable automated retargeting on leads coming from different channels?

Then LeadsBridge is for you.

All marketing integrations inside this tool helpful in the growth of sales & leads

LeadsBridge Use Cases Example:

leadsbridge use case example - facebook lead ads
leadsbridge use case example - tiktok leads ads

Why LeadsBridge is the Best Alternative to Zapier

In Zapier, you have to subscribe to premium plans to build a connection between lead generation forms. However, in LeadsBridge this can be done free of cost. The leads can be moved freely from let’s say Linkedin lead gen forms to MailChimp lists.

Apart from that, the benefit of real-time data sync in LeadsBridge can be the big reason to consider this tool over Zapier. The minimum syncing time you can set in Zapier is 1 minute which is still way longer than LeadsBridge instant sync.

LeadsBridge Features:

  • Offers 380+ powerful integrations.
  • Data can be synchronized using the different trigger-time-consent-based concepts.
  • An email notification will be triggered as soon as the lead comes in.
  • Both online and offline conversions can be tracked.
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant.
  • Custom integration service with customized onboarding.
  • Feature of real-time data syncing is available in all plans.

LeadsBridge Pricing & Plans:

We have found that LeadsBridge plans are more effective and value for money compared to Zapier.

leadsbridge plans and pricing

 LeadBridges Pros:

  • Great support options are available: Email, Phone & Account Manager
  • A forever free plan is there.

LeadBridges Cons:

  • Integrations other than the Marketing & Advertising industry are fewer here.

Final Verdict on LeadsBridge:

Go for LeadsBridge blindly when you’re mainly interested in connecting different advertising tools with popular marketing tools to generate more leads, improve ad campaigns, and increase conversions.

FAQs of Zapier Alternatives

Which is the most pocket-friendly Zapier Alternative?

Which Zapier alternative has the maximum number of app integrations?

Which is better: Integromat or Zapier?

Integromat (Make) is considerably far better than Zapier in terms of advanced features & creating complex scenarios. However, Zapier is still ahead in the total count of app integrations. 

Which Zapier alternative offers a lifetime deal?

Which is the best Zapier free alternative?

For users who are looking for a free Zapier alternative, Make should be their first choice. Because it’s free plan is more impressive compared to other automation tools.

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Final Thoughts on Zapier Alternatives

All 8 Zapier competitors we have discussed today are unique in their own way. Gladly, all of them overcome the Zapier biggest problem – High pricing.

Are you still confused?

Here are our top picks:

  • Pabbly ConnectThe most affordable Zapier free alternative known for its lifetime plans and advanced automation capabilities. Tons of available tutorials help Automators to begin automation as quickly as possible.
  • Make Nothing beats Make when we talk about creating complex workflows with the best visual editor yet at affordable charges.
  • HubSpot Operations Hub Perfect for HubSpot existing users

Any thoughts about the alternatives to Zapier mentioned in this post? Did we miss any of your favorite tools? Let us know in the comments.

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